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Kith N Kin Kreations have been in operation, off and on since 1974. We started out with miniature houses, "apple annies", paintings and drawings, pottery, wall hangings, jewelry and then finally "Mandala Weavings". Mandala weavings represent the "circle of life" made with exotic yarns, feathers, furs and all kinds of beads. Every weaving is an original one of a kind piece of art! Exact reproductions of any are impossible, even by me! Our weavings have been sold to customers all around the world, they last a lifetime and longer. We have displayed our arts in the midwest east and all the way to texas and Nevada. That is until costs for those art shows became unreasonable combined with motel fees, gas prices and speed traps! In the words of Elvis "We cant go on together with Suspicious Minds". One of the contributing founders of Kith N Kin Kreations passed away 3 years ago "Betty Bishop". R.I.P.! Heres a list of weavings titles: the Devil, Butterfly, Strawberry Patch, Space Alien, Kansas Sunflower, K.C. Chiefs, "John Elway" (Broncos), Moth, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (Oh the Pods).....and anything spiritual or of nature. As you can imagine our pricings no longer reflect upon the 70's or 80's. This isn't a non-profit organization with a "Beautify the Planet" project.

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Mandala Weavings

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