Well you see theres Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster in a pond.  I think there 
is a Bigfoot because of all the many sightings, ancient folklore, cave drawings and other evidence.
I have a few theories, like wheres all the idiots that are supposed to be running around in the
forest dressed up like Bigfoot, and why dont they ever get shot in their Bigfoot costumes?  I've
lived in Kansas most of my life, but there's only a few reported sightings in Kansas.  And i'm
pretty sure that there's just a few idiots in this state that would just love to run around  and
be scaring people in their Bigfoot costumes getting shot by hunters here.  But omce again there
aren't any dead fake Bigfoots here!  The most common observances of Bigfoot are: sloped forehead,
arms protruding forward while running to assist in balance usually described as though someone is
"riding a bicycle", coned skull, sunlight reflecting on the fur because of the secretion of glands
producing an oil that catches the sunlight, (fake fur doesnt it bunches up and mats if ifs oiled),
the stride or gait has a certain angle of degree that humans cannot reproduce while walking and of
all the audios i've heard of supposed Bigfoot the ones that sound like something unknown to me
sounds like a german hyena with an aggressive manner trying to imitate human speech and any other
sounds it hears in its environment!  I've been spooked by my "spidey-sense" several times while i
was out and about, once was a homeless guy in hiding that emerged to ask for a cigarette, and once
fishing i had to walk away backwards eyes searching for whatever it was,....Boo! Now i would'nt bet
money on the existence or not of Bigfoot, but I'm not going to go out in the woods looking for
Bigfoot specifically anytime soon!  And i believe that something or someone is piloting those many
UFOS everyone sees.  Did you know that the NSA was created in the 40's specifically to look for UFOS,
when several flew over the White House.  Anyway, i hope you're enjoying your time on this planet.


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