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Kith n kin kreations has been in business off and on since 1974. We have displayed our talents at many art shows in a multi state area. And in business's like broken arrow in taos new mexico, its is now out of business though. Our mandala weavings have been displayed by saudi arabian rolyal family and in a bank in texas. The mandala weavings last longer than a lifetime. Sometimes mistaken for dream catchers, macrame, godseyes, wall hangings or wall art. They are made from exotic yarns, beads, feathers and or recycled furs. We also have some software and graphics for sale. A free online chess game that also plays on Xbox live. All purchases are made through the very trusted paypal. All orders will be shipped only to the verified address of paypal business transactions, and will be shipped out 2-3 weeks after paypal verification. The kith n kin kreations company name description is here. About Page And our Online Chess game is here. If you have any questions or comments use the Contact us ink on all kith n kin kreations web pages, Windows live opens but no longer is supported by microsoft so copy the email address and use it in your own email system.

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