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This page is about things to know that the powers that be seem to not want us to know. Like Ancient history, American history, space, religion, Aliens and Bigfoot. You can't copy and paste, you will have to search them the old-fashioned way. If you cannot read the words zoom the page or use a computer program zoomer called Magnifying Glass. Or any you have. For instance Richard C. Hoagland was the Nasa Go between to the U.S. government about the apollo moon landing. And ever since he has kept his nose in the know about space. Some titles are movies some are celebrities, people with a different view on things. Start your research on websites like Wikipedia or Youtube both great starting places. We are Kith N Kin Kreations providing you with a free online chess game no need for signup or download, and free graphics some software and textures or specific programs online. We have been in business off and on since 1976, art shows, state fairs lots of fun until the speed traps and higher gas prices and entry fees made us take a step back, all of kith n kin kreations html codes, javascripts, dhtml and other scripts have been in the making since 1998. We hope you enjoy some truths about this world we live in! Some of the titles are simply words that everyone should know the definitions of. Netflix is also a source for some of these titles and or Jesse Ventura was the governor of minnesota, making him a statesman because he held political office only once, I may not agree with everything he says, but at least he "aint got time to bleed". Every man and male child should watch the 4 Billy Jack movies, first one is "Born Losers" second is "Billy Jack" third is "The Trial of Billy Jack" and the fourth Billy Jack movie was banned by politicians it is called "Billy Jack Goes to Washington". This page is designed to work on Internet Explorer at 125% page zoom with javascripts unduced mayhem. Did I forget to mention our Mandala Weavings depicting "the circle of Life" heres a link for the weavings showroom gallery Mandala Weavings. Or unkown heroes such as Finn Buller. Thank you for the visit Live long and prosper,... carry on!

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Mandala Weavings

Free Movies online or streaming media on your tv
The Drudge Report not your mainstream news
Richard C. Hoagland officianado of the galaxy plus
The 911 Truth just in case you might have missed it
Want to know more? like giants or bigfoot or ufos
Look at the star constellations on your computer then go outside look up into the sky and recognise those constellations.
Lyndon LaRouche talks of how mankind is not an animal and we have a purpose in life with a goal for betterment of humanity and the earth.

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