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Have you ever been chatting with someone in Australia and wondered what their time is?
Or needed to know when a family member will be arriving home from a flight?
There are many reasons you may need to know what the actual time is in other areas of the
world to compare with your current time.  Simply pick a continent and choose a city.
Oceanica is also known as the Australia and New Zealand surrounding areas.  The time is 
automatically set to your current computers time, and it also adjusts to daylight savings
time on your PC which is automatically set by the worlds Atomic Clock.  All of my websites
on and do not store information or use cookies,
but i'm sure my internet service provider does.  And Kith N Kin Kreations will not view that
information!  We only use Paypal as a preferred payment system.  We provide free: graphics,
wallpaper backgrounds, seamless tiled backgrounds and a free chess game with no registration, 
sign-up or upgrades.  We also have for sale "original artwork", software and some graphics.     
We are a privately run online business based in the United States since at least 1974.  If
you have any of our websites not functioning, try going to the tools in the upper internet
explorer and click the "Compatabilty view Settings" to add us to your compatabilty view.
And please for humanities sake i urge you to simply "Protect Your Privacy", do you really
want someone to ask you what your favorite color is so that they can enter that information
into their databases and keep it for all of eternity.  And unless you've got a hand on
the bible or in court you dont have to answer questions, saying your favorite color is pink
even though its a lie, can be used against you as well. And you also can have the right to 
have an an attorney present while you are being questioned, just sayin'.  For a better 
"search" engine try or  Thanks for visiting
our website and have a more pleasant tomorrow!

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