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This is Kith N Kin Kreations full links. Home is the Starter page for our Weavings. Chess link is a free online chess game with no download required or sign up or login. About is the history of Color Wizard is an amazing html color tool for use in web designing. Tiles is a gallery of free seamless tiled backgrounds for use in endless graphics applications. Snowday is an animated poem by Robert Frost. Birthday is an application for finding information about your birthday and others. Binary is a converter for real numbers to binary numbers. Etc. is a walk through of things to know about history. Gallery is our second showing of our Mandala Weavings. Search is currently a dead link. Shopping cart is currently under construction, but works. Tips is a dead link also under construction. Some links are under construction, tiptoe quietly as the workers are taking a siesta. New Bigfoot 2013 is a humorous bigfoot sighting. Circle area is for estimating the cost for a weaving depending on materials used in the making of a Mandala Weaving. Ascii is an application if you use the Ascii code. Alarm Clock is just that if you have need of a free one. And last is World Time for finding current time in other parts of the world. We also provide some free software time tested to be free of any bad things. The software has been used on our computers since at least 1998. These websites of ours were made for internet explorer, made with Dynamic html, Javascripts, Css, Xml and many other types of codes all safe for IE. Thanks for visiting. Eyes open. And Heads up,.....bye.

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