----4TH OF JULY----

Seamless Tiled Background of 4th Of july

After September 9th 2011, i made this seamless tiled background as a tribute or memorial to 911. I knew it had to be, of course red white and blue. But i wanted to show how i thought of that days events and the aftermath of it. Oh sure you see the explosion and the fire but most importantly you can see the disruption of the red white and blue, it's not even a recognizable pattern of stars and stripes forever. Was the concussion of that implosion so great that it should obliterate two hundred plus years of american heroics and patriotism, I don't think so. You see in my schools they taught us about history and the constitution and about how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson already knew about governments that wanted complete control over it's citizens and they knew about ways of prolonging it's inevitable growth from the minds of leaders who cannot prevent power lust and greed from entering into their wanton visions of profit and more power. If the policemen break the law then there is no law, only a battle for survival. Quote from Billy Jack the movie. Starring Tom Laughlin, 1 of 4 movies about Billy Jack. And possibly it wasn't their fault maybe they were trained like puppy dogs, or mind controlled by aliens, crazy or medically induced i don't know, but someone or something is responsible for it and should be held accountable.

Things they don't want us to know!

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