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How I won this checkmate.

After playing Arasan chess since 1998? And losing every game up till now for a couple of years. I noticed that arasan likes to castle on my left side, i always play second because I like to not be the agressor. Because I believe the best offense is a good defense. Relying on power quick thinking and every momentum is a force to be used against the agressor applying his own force against him. ie. Kwai Chang Caine. I try to prevent arasan chess from castling on my left side it takes him more moves to castle on my right side giving me more moves to set up aggressions and i let him think he can castle on the left side until he learns otherwise so i have made him waste moves then he will have to castle on my right. When an attack comes between two pieces usually pawns instead of attacking with an eye for an eye mentality I instead will bypass that attacker leaving it stranded against my defensive line making a double fortified wall. Similar to a stalled vehicle because the enemy will not destroy its own vehicle it might have its own men inside and the vehicle can be easily destroyed later in battle. And with a double wall fortification knights cannot jump over a double wall of defense. This checkmate used 163 moves so it took so long to create this animated .Gif that 4-5 graphic errors occured black screens of Muerta so next game i will try to prevent that from happening again though this is my third game installed online. And by my estimate I have checkmated and saved around 40 games of Arasan chess with different versions but when i install a newer version older versions saved games are hopelessly lost as far as I know. And an equal amount of stalemates draws and otherwise not concluded games. Everyone should play chess! In this game after realizing that I was winning I decided to see how many queens could be obtained before checkmate. Several moves were unecessary because i was trying to prevent a repeat move stalemate or draw and checkmate could have been made but trying to embarrass Arasan was my goal.

My rules of chess engagement or How I learned to play chess

My brother and i started playing chess at age 5. We will play not according to tournament rules. Like not putting king and queen where white queen has her own color, no we put her on whatever color we want. And whomever wants to move first Can. And our rules of stalemate or draw is when a player loses his last piece except for the king that player has eleven moves and if he moves only the king eleven times then its a draw or a stalemate! period. Because if Adolphs whole army is decimated yet he can run around unabated destroying his enemies Personnel, well then whos to say hes not about to push the red button,... Game Over! Sometimes when Arasan chess opponent cpu moves only 3 same moves its considered a draw or stalemate,?. why, I believe it's a programmers error -hint hint- Jon Dart. We put too much faith in technology! Like when have you ever had a computer that doesnt have errors ever? Oh yeah those chinese robots will be so good water rust electrical discharge sulphuric acid solar flares ghost commands concussion signal jammers heat cold telekinesis ohms law thermite birds flies bacteria transistors. Where nothing can go wrong go wrong go rong,... Westworld

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