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First off is the color boxes with the hexadecimal colors at the top of the page. When you find a color you loke scroll to the near middle of the page and submit the hexadecimal color into the top submit box and hit enter, the page will change to that color. But now you can view the background color and see the other color boxes to view colors that seem to go nicely together. Take notice that each color chosen once submitted will show also the possible safe internet color "word" and the RGB color codes. Some paint programs when working with color codes cannot be easily translated into hex or rgb colors, so this Color Wizard shows the instantly known different color coding. And below that is the internet safe color words written with their own true color hexadecimal color codes in hexadecimal. I like to pick a background color then view the color words as they would appear on your html page. The reason its better to use internet safe color words is because not all html hexadecimal codes are compatible wrong color hex colors can cause pages to not function properly, i have seen it happen editing html pages involving a variation of the color known as Fuchsia. And below this are two links to my other pages that can provide external popup windows for better utilizing background and foreground color choices. On the side of this page are up and down blueish scrollers that might help in viewing the aforementioned colors. And you can also at top of page and lower hit the "refresh" button to reset the page. There is also a more versatile Wizard of Color foe sale in the near future with enhanced features, not available currently because these Kith n kin kreations website might not be up forever, and I always like to keep a backup CD for just in case. But of course its only html coding so no installations or registration are needed to run the Wizard of Color!

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